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Video Ads in Japan and Yahoo! JAPAN

Video Ads Market

Watching video on the smartphone is quite popular in Japan, where you can connect Internet almost everywhere. Needless to say, video is also becoming popular ad format. Video ad spend is growing rapidly and will reach 2.1 billion USD in 2020 according to Online Video Soken and Digital Infact (2016).

Yahoo! JAPAN's Video Ad

Video Ads is also available on Yahoo! JAPAN. Yahoo! JAPAN released video ad in March 2017 and many advertisers have been using video ad since then.

Here is the details of Yahoo! JAPAN video ad.

Ad Space
Video ads are displayed within the timeline of Yahoo JAPAN's mobile top page. (Yahoo! JAPAN's app and iOS browser)
You will be charged on video play basis and only if users watch more than 10 seconds. For video shorter than 10 seconds , full of video play will be charged.

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