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What is SoftBank?

Yahoo! JAPAN is one of Japan's largest comprehensive information sites offering more than 100 services and continues to be the major website of Japan for more than 20 years since the service started in 1996.

Although you may not know, Yahoo! JAPAN is closely associated with SoftBank. Here in this article, I would like to explain the relationship between Yahoo! JAPAN and SoftBank.
First, SoftBank is the largest shareholder of Yahoo! JAPAN, and currently one of the most important partners.

Below is a timeline of events from the past that involve both companies.

Yahoo! Inc. was co-founded by Stanford graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo in the United States.
SoftBank became a major shareholder of Yahoo! Inc., and established "Yahoo Japan Corporation" as a joint venture in Japan and launched its portal site Yahoo! JAPAN.
SoftBank partnered with Yahoo! JAPAN and launched Yahoo! BB, a broadband internet service provider. Yahoo! BB is still a leading broadband provider in Japan.
SoftBank acquired Vodafone Japan and entered the mobile carrier business. Today, SoftBank is one of the top mobile carriers in Japan.
SoftBank acquired the US Corporation Sprint and entered the international market.
SoftBank has acquired ARM. This has become the largest M&A transactions in the UK.

As you can see from the above, after starting Yahoo! JAPAN, SoftBank has entered the mobile carrier business to bring further value, spreading the internet access and expanding the internet market as a number one leader in the Japanese market. In addition, there are various future projects that involve IoT, robotics, and VR.

Currently, Yahoo! JAPAN's businesses are roughly divided into five categories: media, advertisement, e-commerce, finance, and premium user service.
Within the advertising business, it is important to know more about the main four projects:

Users' search history, browsing history and purchase history that we can obtain from the other business areas are then to be utilized for the advertising business. Advertising products also combine in-house development and partnership with other companies. By utilizing Yahoo! JAPAN's big data and various marketing solutions, we can effectively approach the appropriate target in Japan according to the purpose of marketing.

Following the expansion of internet usage and entering the mobile carrier business, Yahoo! JAPAN and SoftBank has been collaborating for further growth. They have started to provide their membership benefits across SoftBank users and Yahoo! Japan's premium members. Yahoo! JAPAN and SoftBank's growth is expected to raise more!

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